Delivering Real Value to Clients

Discover how businesses can go beyond expectations to deliver measurable and distinct value to clients. Learn how wauko’s innovative, sustainable, and collaborative approach sets them apart.

In a world where conventional wisdom often dictates what is considered possible, it can be difficult to imagine achieving anything outside of established norms.

Have you ever wondered why a company like Airbnb, which owns very few physical assets, is valued at billions more than the largest hotel chains with hundreds of properties globally? The answer lies in non-financial KPIs.

Winter is coming. The days are getting shorter and the sun is rising later. In Cape Town that also means more rainy and overcast days. Then there is load-shedding hovering between stages 5 and 6.

Financial management is a crucial aspect of running a successful business, and it involves the responsible use of the business’s financial…

In my previous article I looked at the definitions of independence and interdependence and explored the importance of interdependence when it comes to teamwork

Independence is one of those things that we start to long for at an early age. I look at my kids and realise that although they may seek our love, affirmation and security and a few other things; there is something they

How do you go about setting your goals and measuring the outcomes of these goals? When you do this, who do you measure yourself against? We tend to focus our energy on being better (or becoming better)

The first quarter of the year is done and dusted. You are well on your way to reach the resolutions and goals you set for your business at the beginning of the year. Or, is one of the following statements more accurate?:

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