Statutory business

If you are unfamiliar with the different statutory business structures available in South Africa and the ramifications associated with each sort of business, starting a new venture can seem overwhelming.


Managing their cash flow cycle is a particular challenge for importers as the purchasing cash flow lead-time is generally longer than purchasing locally.

2022: A brief FX summary

After a year where global central banks hiked interest rates to levels last seen in 2008, in an attempt to combat the fallout of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), central banks appear to be slowing their pace of monetary tightening.


Whether you are an importer or exporter, it is crucial that you evaluate your business’s sensitivity to fluctuating exchange rates and develop a comprehensive risk management policy to fit your company’s needs. An effective foreign

The Income Tax Act 58 of 1962 defines “spouse” in relation to any person as a person who is a partner of such person…


This month we consider several indicators that must be considered when reviewing the outlook for the direction of the rand against its major trading partners.


A personal service provider is a company or trust whereby the owner of a business renders a service in their personal capacity using the company/trust as a channel. This means that the services of the company/trust are personally rendered by any person regarded as being connected to the PSP.

It is December 2020. As South Africans, we are bracing for the impact of a second wave of COVID-19 infections. It seems as if our lives are for the better part coming to a halt again. In the background though, some wheels are still turning. One of these wheels is the publication of the Government Gazette.

In recent months the idea of a Plaza Accord 2.0 has been mentioned amongst investors and economists. This month we explore this idea further and whether it is a viable option for policy makers this time round. The Plaza Accord was an agreement made in 1985 between France, Germany

The ability to make “faster” or “real-time” payments has made a significant difference to the local payments space. The convenience it provides and ability to better manage cash flow is driving the increase in its usage and it should in time become the norm.

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