optimise your foreign exchange function

We are a leading provider of foreign exchange risk mitigation services in South Africa, specialising in helping businesses manage the risks and complexities associated with conducting international trade. One of our key differentiators is the creation of a unique, documented, foreign exchange risk mitigation policy for each client.

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our services include:

foreign currency exchange management

The key benefit of using our foreign exchange management service is the reduction in impact of currency fluctuations on your business’s bottom line.

foreign currency risk mitigation policies

Combining market related information and research, together with our intrinsic approach of immersing ourselves in our clients’ specific operations, we are able to create an effective, measurable foreign exchange risk mitigation policy.

fully licensed and regulated 

When choosing us as your foreign exchange risk mitigation service partner, you can be confident that you are working with a reputable, experienced company, that is fully licensed and regulated by the relevant authorities in South Africa.

exports and

If your business is involved in importing or exporting goods or services, then you are exposed to foreign exchange fluctuations and you need a partner that understands these impacts. wauko understands foreign exchange risks and we tailor our solutions to meet your business needs.

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