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wauperform was birthed out of the realisation that we needed an effective human resources performance management process within wauko. wauperform is a fully fledged division that works with our clients to understand and improve overall staff performance within their organisations. We help to grow the leadership and help them to grow their teams.

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our services include:

supporting your team

We understand that your team is one of your most valuable assets. As such you need a plan and processes to help support them in their growth process thereby unlocking further potential. Our team at wauperform work together with you to help set up the processes, measurements and communication channels to help facilitate this process.

training and development

We facilitate training and development, through you, acting as your dedicated performance manager. We help prepare you to set the direction of your business and then communicate this to your team, helping you gain their buy-in and ultimately walking the journey to success with you. We help you understand the process fully so that you are able to communicate it effectively.

team performance

Our passion for success within our own team led us to the place where we looked to unlock the same within our client organisations. Team performance is not simply a training outcome for us, it is a lived experience, and we look forward to taking the same journey with you.

people are our passion

Why performance management as part of a Cash Flow Management Group? Apart from the fact that developing people to their potential is my passion, for most businesses the salary bill is a very big expense. We believe people are the biggest asset and arguably the greatest differentiator in business. It is crucial to maximize this investment.

We focus on developing people based on their strengths, using Gallup StrengthsFinder as the basis.  Our process combines strengths and a values-based coaching approach to develop each individual and team. The business grows when employees develop. Instead of KPI’s based on some competency framework, KPI’s are based on the strengths of individuals and the vision of the business. This aligns all employees to the purpose of the business and their value in that purpose.

Our process is not a once-off  interaction  but a continuous assistance over years. Focusing on development of strengths changes performance management from judgement to development. You are valued as you are.  The understanding and aiming of your strengths create an understanding of the diversity and uniqueness of team members. Opening a dialogue for true collaboration and teamwork.

The coaching approach and support provided for the leaders changes the communication in the business. The frequent interactions on growth and development create a positive communication environment that ensures that possible challenges are identified quicker. This enhanced understanding and communication lead to innovation in solutions and ideas. Employees do not leave businesses where they are valued, developed, and allowed to grow.

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