Most businesses use excel for their cash flow forecasting with vastly varying degrees of complexity and accuracy.

Where are currency markets heading?

The US dollar’s dominance in currency markets persists, driven by global risk aversion and steady interest rates. However, shifts in other currencies like the rand and Euro suggest potential realignments.

Managing treasury effectively is a multifaceted responsibility that requires a comprehensive understanding of the financial and operational aspects of a business. This includes an awareness of the business strategy, risks, systems, cash flow dynamics, and foreign currency exposures.

Donating to Public Benefit Organizations (PBOs) can lead to tax deductions for both companies and individuals, provided they hold a valid tax certificate from a qualifying PBO. However, recent changes in requirements by the South African Revenue Service (SARS) will affect both PBOs and their donors, with the latest adjustments taking effect from 31 May 2024.

Death and taxes

Exploring the tax rules for inherited wealth in South Africa can seem like a complex puzzle. When someone passes away, there are financial considerations for their family, known as estate tax. This article breaks down the South African estate tax scene in simpler terms.

Why is Japan making new headlines?

The 19th of March 2024 marked a significant policy shift for the Bank of Japan (BoJ). The BoJ ended eight years of negative interest rates and other remnants of its unconventional monetary policy, making a historic shift away from its focus on reflating growth with decades of massive monetary stimulus.

99% of failures come from those in the habit of making up excuses – George Washington Carver.

Reflecting on the first quarter of the year, how successful have you been in your endeavours? Have you reached the goals and milestones you set for this period?  And how are your business and your teams performing?

The US presidential election to take place in November 2024 is arguably the most important geopolitical event of the year. Based on historical outcomes, the odds are in favour of Republican candidate and former president Donald Trump. Historically, an incumbent US president (a US president currently in office)…

Maximising Productivity: Strategies for Success

In the fast-paced world of business, time is the ultimate currency. Every minute spent wisely can propel a company toward success, while wasted moments can lead to missed opportunities.

Big changes are happening in the world of diesel rebates, and it’s important for everyone, especially farmers and those in the agricultural sector, to stay in the know.

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