efficient payroll management services for businesses

waupayroll is our payroll solution, designed to help businesses manage and administer their payrolls effectively and efficiently, while also ensuring compliance with SARS regulations.

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our services include:


Our team handles the full administrative burden of the payroll process, compiling pre-release reports, which ensure you are able to check the payroll run beforehand. We compile and distribute payslips to your employees ensuring that they have their required documents.

tailored payroll solutions

The waupayroll team understands that our services need to cater to the unique requirements of different types of businesses. To this end we have developed core disciplines that ensure we can cater to any operating environment including retail, manufacturing, and services sectors, as well as small, medium, and large businesses within these.

multiple payrolls

Our team is able to handle the different payroll needs of each type of business, including the management of multiple payrolls, the handling of different pay frequencies, and the management of different payroll deductions and benefits.

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