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treasury management

Our enhanced cash flow forecasting and liquidity management advisory service. Securing enhanced returns on surplus cash. Unlocking efficient access to business funding requirements.

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our services include:

cash flow forecasting and liquidity management

wauko offers you the ability to update and predict your cash flows and manage your liquidity in real-time. This is achieved by creating a tailor-made cash management policy for your organisation that is managed by utilising the functionality in our wautreasury solution.

securing enhanced returns on surplus cash

wauko provides you with advice on how to effectively structure the investment of your surplus cash, while also enhancing the return on these funds. Enhanced returns on surplus cash are secured on your behalf with banking institutions and kept in bank accounts in your own name.

procurement of business

wauko assists in determining the optimal funding structure for your organisation, considering both the equity and debt components of funding. Once determined, we facilitate the procurement of the required funding on your behalf with recognised banks, leading financial institutions and/or private equity providers.

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