Positivity in the workplace

by Robert Pinkhard | May 26, 2022

Thinking back to my audit articles days, working with a lot of different clients and in various work environments, I experienced that positivity is key to getting something done. The best clients were always the ones with smiles and a positive attitude.

Positivity is the frequent experience of positive emotions such as joy, hope, gratitude, interest, serenity, or inspiration. It is the day-to-day pleasant experiences that leave a person feeling happy and satisfied. Evidence shows that increasing positivity in the workplace can provide a major competitive advantage for organizations (Achor, 2010).

People who experience positive emotions at work have higher levels of engagement, organizational citizenship behaviour and job performance, and are less likely to experience burnout or engage in counterproductive behaviour (Lyubomirsky, King & Diener, 2005).

The importance of positivity in the workplace:

Positivity is contagious. Whether you believe it or not, it is true. However, negativity is also equally as contagious. In this way, attitude affects not only yourself, but your co-workers as well.

In the workspace, attitude determines productivity and success. The outcome of any work task is determined by how you choose to go about it and the mindset and attitude that you have while doing so. The way you contribute to your work is equally as important as what you contribute.

If your employees are excited to be part of your team, and happier employees are more likely to exceed expectations, this should result in the entire team getting more done.

Benefits of having a positive workplace:

Reduces stress

By changing your reaction to stressors at work and instead, thinking positively, you can become more productive, thus, eliminating further stress.

Increase productivity levels

When you feel better, you think better. Once you begin to allow positivity to resonate with you, you will notice your willingness to take on challenging but rewarding tasks and projects. Being less distracted, you’ll be able to get your work completed more efficiently.

Improves customer relations

A positive attitude is fundamental to quality customer service. A positive attitude will make your customers feel good. In return you will promote a long-lasting and successful relationship with them.

Improves decision-making

When having a positive attitude, you will have better decision-making. Having a positive outlook, you will consider more favourable outcomes. You will start seeing the good that your decision can bring instead of potential negative consequences previously based upon fear and negativity.

Tips to create a positive workspace:

  • Show your employees they are appreciated by thanking them when they do a good job.
  • Be courteous when your employees make mistakes. Rather than criticizing their efforts ask them how you can help them to improve to achieve their goals.
  • Provide employees with something to eat or drink at the office. This gesture goes a long way.
  • Do activities with your employees. This will increase the spirit of employees in the workplace.
  • Create learning opportunities for all your employees.
  • Do not sweat about the small stuff. Things will happen that are beyond your control. Learn to live and let live.Congratulate your employees when they reach their goals.
  • Give your employees breaks when they are stressed. They will come back stronger.
  • Avoid gossip.
  • Smile and put others first.
A workspace that fosters a positive attitude and productivity will allow you to be at your best and make the most of your time at the office. During my short time with wauko I realized that this is what We strive for. Who would have thought that a smile and some kind words will make your employees more productive?

Building a positive workplace is best achieved through a formalised performance management strategy. Let us guide you through our wauperform offering.

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