Is A Logbook Really Necessary?

by Daniël Malan | June 22, 2022

With the SARS annual personal income tax filing period just around the corner, I thought it would be the perfect time to share one of my personal efficiencies that helped me through this year.

Normally I personally hated the process of filing my own submission, but not quite for the reason you may think. Part of my benefits is that I have a company motor vehicle that I drive. But like we all know, with each privilege comes a responsibility. And in my case that responsibility is a logbook that needs to be submitted. Last year, I thought to myself, what can I do to make this process easier?

Firstly, we need to look at when you must submit a logbook?

There are two cases that trigger a logbook submission:

  1. I drive my own motor vehicle for business purposes
  2. I receive a business motor vehicle, but can use it for personal use as well

How SARS sees it is as follows: If you receive a benefit (car or petrol allowance) you will be taxed on the amount that was not for business purposes. Note that the kilometres you drive to/from home to work is seen as personal.

What is the format of the logbook?

SARS recently changed the format in which logbooks should be captured. It is now compulsory to keep a logbook of all business kilometres travelled if taxpayers want to claim a travel deduction. The logbook must contain the following minimum information relating to business travel:
  • The date of travel
  • Total kilometres travelled (business and private)
  • Travel details (where to and reason for the trip)

Taxpayers must record their odometer readings on 1 March each year (the first day of the tax year for individuals), and again on the last day of February the following year (the last day of the tax year for individuals). The difference between the closing and opening readings will give the total kilometres travelled for the year.

The question I asked myself was, how can I automate the process and always know my logbook is up to date and complies with the regulations stipulated above?

Personally I started using GPS Log Book. It automatically tracks your business kilometres and also keeps your logbook up to date, in a format that is ready for submission. Gone are the days of doing everything manually. GPS Log Book – SARS Compliant Travel Log Book

The following programs can also be used to assist you with your logbook.

  1. Online Logbook:
    Each device has an internal battery that can last up to 5 days depending on use. It also comes with a USB car adapter for easy charging. There is also a harness included for those who want to install it permanently.You can download the logbook as per SARS required format for any period. Edit, add, remove, or change any entries as required. Online Logbook – Do it yourself tracking system
  2. Gofar (Pairs With Smartphone)
    Top 6 Logbook apps for Android and iOS (

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