Cash Flow Solutions

We empower every person and organisation everywhere with the cash flow management tools to optimise their return on investment.

Every organisation needs the tools to optimise their cash flow.

This includes cash flow forecasting to determine funding requirements and when surplus cash might be available for investment.

But a cash flow forecast has no value if it is not based on accurate data, provided timeously. Expert financial management systems, processes and people are therefore essential. An outsourced finance function can provide access to best practice financial management services and technology.

And if foreign exchange risk is significant it is critical to have appropriate hedging policies in place and the right professionals involved in the forex risk management process.

Keeping finance costs under control is a key part of cash flow risk management. Bank charges related to payments can add up if not monitored and executed using safe and secure cost-effective solutions.

Where business funding is required, an optimally structured balance sheet is essential. Rentals versus the financing of non-core assets must be considered by every finance executive in their capital budgeting process.

No organisation wants unnecessary shocks affecting their returns. Tax compliance gone wrong can lead to totally avoidable costs.

These days technology can differentiate an organisation from competitors and this also applies to the treasury risk management function. Access to a world class treasury management system is one such differentiator. These can be expensive to invest in alone but utilizing an outsourced treasury solution, chosen carefully can make this possible.

Our mission is to create determinable, distinguishable and sustainable value through building long-term relationships with our people, clients and service providers; state-of-the-art technology; dynamic expertise; and innovation. We achieve this by:

Freeing up cash flow from non-income-generating assets
Optimising the use of income-generating assets
Optimising the treasury process
Proper financial management
Protecting cash resources and cash flow sources
Improving the reporting and information flow
Creating and managing policies and procedures
Remaining compliant