consistency, the powerful secret to success

by Pieter le Roux | July 6, 2021

People regularly speculate as to the source of those who achieve success. These answers generally include ambition, intelligence, hard work, persistence and even luck.

Although the above traits will surely assist you on your road to success, there is one attribute that I found is always present in great leaders and in businesses that have attained a sustained level of success… Consistency.

why would consistency be so powerful?

The answer is because it creates stability and certainty that in turn cultivates trust, respect, and loyalty, whether it is a personal relationship, a client, a service provider, a product supplier, an employee or any other form of relationship… Trust, respect and loyalty not only enhance the longevity of relationships, but allows each person or organisation involved to grow and achieve more (many times without any limitations).

Once you have consistently earned trust, respect, and loyalty over a prolonged period of time, you and/or your business will establish a reputation that will become very important in creating sustainable success.

things to consider on your road to consistency

When thinking about consistency it is important to consider all the areas where its application would add value – these include the consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes.

Considering this, I am going to explore a few elements of an organisation to show you why consistency is a key ingredient to becoming a successful leader and/or business:

1. consistency in the workplace
Consistency in the workplace means to treat all your employees equally – whether this is in the application of policies or in the way you coach and teach them. People notice when you treat other people differently and this can become a major distraction in a business – when employees start talking about unfair practices it generally leads to a division of views and loyalty… a disastrous impact in any business, as politics does not belong in business.

Consistency helps employees feel secure about their responsibilities, the demands of their job and builds trust. Without a consistent work environment, employees will continually be second-guessing everything. By consistently nurturing your passion for your business, whether it is through hard work, enhancing the skills and knowledge of your team and/or celebrating successes, you will be able to create an engaged workforce that will follow you into any battle! Consistency thus plays an important part in embedding values and company culture as explored by Rici van Schalkwyk in more detail in her article published a few months ago.

Trust, respect, and loyalty is earned, so you may have to spend weeks, months or even years proving that you’re dependable. Once you’ve earned your colleagues’ trust, your consistency will continue to command respect as long as you manage your responsibilities faithfully.

2. consistency of your product or service
Consistency under this heading can be defined as the quality of your product or service. One of the most important considerations for clients in choosing or partnering with a particular brand lies in consistency of service delivery and/or the consistency of the product itself.

Consumers of your product or service require assurance that the products and/or services being sold to them will live up to their expectation and specifications. Clients expect the same quality each time they make a purchase and/or experience a service. This is because most repeat purchases are based on experiences the clients have had with your organisation in the past. Clients base their expectations on their previous experiences, which means it is the organisation’s responsibility to deliver the same level of service and/or product quality or beyond to ensure client satisfaction.

There is only one way in which you can ensure the quality of your products and service delivery will be the same each and every time… it is by consistently ensuring all of your employees maintain the same standards, abide by the same policies and procedures, and use the same processes, practices, and systems to perform their functions at the required level.

Leaders should also keep in mind that it is not just the product or service that needs consistency, but the overall client experience. This combines all interactions with your business, including communication. The only way clients can be expected to invest their money, time and effort into a product or service is through collaborative and transparent interactions. Most clients are very perceptive, and they pay attention to every small detail, which means that your organisation cannot afford to compromise on a single component of the client experience. Clients expect the same level of quality during each stage of the customer experience. If an organisation consistently pays attention to detail and offers high quality services, it will result in long-term and mutually beneficial relationships.

3. consistency in the application of your core values
Consistency is the foundation of core values. For me personally, my focus on consistency is mostly driven by the goal of demonstrating a high level of integrity, honesty, loyalty, and respect in all situations with all people.

In my previous article, “the war on integrity and ethics”, I provided my view on integrity and ethics, with a focus on my personal journey and the massive importance both of these should play in business. The principles of integrity and ethics form part of my core values and is also entrenched in the value (or belief) system of wauko. In my article “build and grow to succeed” I explore why your beliefs (or values) and the consistent application thereof is so important in building a successful business.

I believe that long-term sustainable success can only be achieved when consistency is embedded in the way you lead people, design your business, and live your values!

At wauko we assist any business (big or small) that is ready and willing to grow; in understanding their purpose, defining their strategy, and by designing and implementing an efficient cash flow cycle that is executed with consistency to support it! We become an extension of your business that helps you to embed consistent processes and achieve consistent results on your journey to success!

We would love to learn more about the impact of consistency on your journey to success!


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