we believe…

  • that integrity is the foundation of everything we do
  • that trust is earned
  • in focus and simplicity
  • in the power of true and authentic collaboration
  • that profit is a result, not the purpose of our business

Established in 2015, the goal of the founders was to create a business that would excite and astonish their clients. They wanted the name of the business to reflect what they sought to achieve and thus the name wauko was born – the phonetic spelling of “wow company”.

True wau! can only be achieved by targeting a level of service that will greatly impress our clients. With an attitude challenging conventional thinking, combined with our innovative solutions and state-of-the-art technology, we assist our clients in achieving extraordinary results. We believe in adding real value for our clients (determinable, distinguishable and sustainable) by continually evolving and being significantly better in everything we do.

wauko engages with its clients to gain a full understanding of their business, their cash flow cycle and their banking solutions. This approach allows us to shorten their cash flow cycle and make it more productive by implementing tailor-made policies and processes that align with the key business drivers. By focusing on the full business, as well as its processes, we maximise efficiencies, while minimising the risk factors for the organisation as a whole.

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our services

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Our enhanced cash flow forecasting and liquidity management advisory service. Securing enhanced returns on surplus cash. Unlocking efficient access to business funding requirements.

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waucomply specialises in helping businesses comply with the country’s legal and regulatory environment. We provide a wide range of services including tax compliance, FICA compliance, and company secretarial services.

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waufm is a South African based financial management service provider that specialises in accounting services, tax compliance, business advisory, and financial management. Our aim is to help businesses and individuals in South Africa manage their finances effectively and stay compliant with the South African tax laws.

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We are a leading provider of foreign exchange risk mitigation services in South Africa, specialising in helping businesses manage the risks and complexities associated with conducting international trade. One of our key differentiators is the creation of a unique, documented, foreign exchange risk mitigation policy for each client.

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Our payment service, cost-effective and efficient payment solutions, geared to helping you manage your cash flow effectively.

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waupayroll is our payroll solution, designed to help businesses manage and administer their payrolls effectively and efficiently, while also ensuring compliance with SARS regulations.

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wauperform was birthed out of the realisation that we needed an effective human resources performance management process within wauko. wauperform is a fully fledged division that works with our clients to understand and improve overall staff performance within their organisations. We help to grow the leadership and help them to grow their teams.

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As an authorised financial service provider with South African Reserve Bank authorisation, we offer a comprehensive treasury management service to businesses in South Africa. Our treasury management solution includes cash and liquidity management, risk management, and compliance processes, all of which are crucial for the success of businesses of all sizes operating around the country.